Friday, December 3, 2010

I'll think about that tomorrow.

I spent quite a while yesterday and the day before trying to figure out how to make my blog cute.  As you can see, no luck.  Aapparently when in comes to being technically-savvy, I a quite unfit for the blogging world.  Perhaps that comes from having a father whose idea of fixing the VCR was always 'Turn it off then back on.  If that doesn't work after repeating four to fourteen times knock the fire out of the blasted thing!' (This is a loose and censored interpretation of his repair methods)  Oh well.  Finally I decided that I'll just have to figure this out another day- I have lives to save! 
Ok well as far as yesterday went that may be a bit of an overstatement since it was after all a cherished "Off of work day"...Hooray!!!  The day before yesterday, however, I did help save a little bitty chihuahua life along with my dear sweet bulldog mix Kane.  Kane chose to forego his breakfast and day lounging on his recliner to become a blood donor!  Perhaps he thought he'd receive a steak afterward to increase his iron intake?  The chihuahua is doing much better and Kane is super proud of himself- he is even contemplating getting a superdog cape for any days in the future that he gets to be a hero.  Maybe it can be his Christmas present. 
Kane the Superdog!

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