Friday, December 10, 2010

Gift Guide: Petit Garcon

 This is our little boy's first Christmas!  Because he has been such a perfect little gentleman, there are a few things he asked me to mention to Santa.  As you can see from the picture above he lost his nerve and the chance to tell the holly, jolly gift giver his wish list himself! 

one)  to keep that noggin warm:
Cottonblossoms- Hootie

two)  to keep the piggies warm:


three)  for Caleb's first skiing trip this winter:
L. L. Bean - Kid's Pull Sled

four)  for when he feels like country clubbing with Granddaddy Bell (Gram-Bull):

Axel & Hudson

five)  to keep the NUK close by:

Franck & Fischer

six)  for when he feels old school nerdy:

janie & jack

seven)  for Boys Only!  No girls allowed! (except Momma):

Outdoor Living Today- Little Squirt Playhouse Playset

...and finally...

Urban Smalls

                                  appropriate in our house!!!


  1. I heart your blog! :) So glad you are in the blogging world - and I LOVE the playhouse! Landon needs one of those, too! :)

  2. chris built clark a tree house!(and left me to paint it...needless to say...THAT hasn't happened :) ) maybe the boys could get together and build caleb one! and apparently you've been at josey ella? i picked out the same houndstooth sweater for clark! love her stuff! _jess