Friday, December 24, 2010

the reason for the season

Our house is trimmed with a minimal amount of decorations...we have  small cypress garland on the mantle, three stockings hung, a Virginia pine decorated and lit.

we are missing one vital piece of holiday decor...

the nativity scene.

My plans were to buy one of those Willow Tree sets...I love them!

but I looked around online and found a few others I liked...

Ten Thousand Villages is a site that sells products made my artisans all over the world- at quite affordable prices...

carved from olive wood

Catholic Supply's website also has many great selections- even cute little nativity scenes for children!
here are a few of my favorites:
another made of olive wood

carved in Ireland

perfect for little hands!

Do you have a nativity scene in your house?


  1. I like the stained glass one myself, but just FYI, Fisher Price actually makes a "stuffed" nativity scene for little ones! I bought one for Landon's 1st Christmas, but we didn't pull it all out this year.

  2. I have one nativity set in my house that my cousin painted for my Mom probably 40 years ago. I love it, because we played with it so much as children. I have been looking for a new one though for years, but I am too picky. I love the one you found carved from olive wood!

  3. I like the very first one carved from wood

  4. Jennifer, I love all of these nativities. I have a big one that we bought a few years back that I didn't put out this year, and a teeny tiny one that was handmade in Honduras. I love nativity fave on this post is the very first one. So pretty!