Friday, December 3, 2010

Finding out that two will be THREE!

Because I originally wanted this blog to be about our family from the beginning here is the story of our finding out we were pregnant...


My husband Brandon & I decided to "stop trying NOT to get pregnant"  in November 2009.  He had been so excited about the idea of being a daddy since even before we got married.  I remember the two of us out at a restaurant (Mugshots!  How I miss thee!) while still in vet school.  We were talking about who knows what and all of a sudden I realized he wasn't staring at me with those googly eyes and subtle smile- he was looking just past me.  So obviously I abruptly turned around to see what (or who she was) that he was so dreamingly gazing at.  As it turns out "she" was a tiny little baby!  Although I knew that this was much better than my fiance gazing longingly at a 22-23 year old blond, I still felt a little bit of panic...after all, I'd heard that his plans were to impregnate me by 1 - 1/2 years or so after getting married.  EEEEEKKKK!
Needless to say, until we actually graduated, got married and began to settle into our "from here on out" routine of waking up, going to work, going to sleep day after day after day, I was not quite as excited about nine months of pregnancy or any added responsibility.  Things change, however, and I began to realize that this type of addition will be a good one- one that is worth the additional "stress and responsibility".  Brandon was not difficult to convince.  His worries about finances were, for the first time EVER, easily swayed.
So...stopped taking "the pill" in November expecting it to take at least four to six months for anything to result.  Boy did we underestimate our reproductive capabilities!  On January 16th I told hubby that I was, by my calculations, a day or two late.  He was SO excited that he stopped at the drugstore on the way home from work to buy a 3-pack of pregnancy tests.  I didn't think they would be positive- I hadn't been in a baby making mood the month before due to sickness.  Just to humor my excited husband I went ahead and agreed to "pee on the stick".  Of course, I locked myself in the bathroom (and turned on the water faucet) to do so.  I had the stick-he had the instructions so I did my thing, stood up and shouted through the door "Hey...what do two lines mean?"  His reply "Ha. Ha.  Shut-up!...let me in"  This made me stop- look at the mirror with wide-eyes and then as I unlocked the bathroom door, I was grabbing for the directions as he was grabbing for said stick.  As we realized what in fact two lines means, we could only say... "huh."  Then slowly the excitement set in and I was instructed to again pee so he could time how quickly the stick changed to see perhaps just how pregnant we suddenly were (because although we learned all about ELISA tests in school- how they work etc- he was sure that the speed of line development surely means something)!  If so...we were already very pregnant... in less than five seconds those two lines began to appear.
As a side note...I was instructed to take the third test the next morning!

8 weeks

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