Sunday, May 22, 2011

the "me" police and my chocolate obsession

I often feel that some things in life would be sooo much easier if I had my own personal police force.
Their goal would be to prohibit, enforce and basically just police yours

Let me explain...

My dogs are all nice and lean...why?
because I am the one who says what goes in their mouths...
<although they do occasionally sneak treats like horse poop...which is abundant in these pasture at least>
I care about their welfare and their well being and their health so they are on a strict, measured diet of a very high quality food.

If only I could do the same for myself.


Now I'd admit that I'd be a little...we'll call it, disgruntled... if I were suddenly locked away from all food and only able to eat what some higher, well- intentioned being allowed me.

But, I would be a much skinnier and healthier blahblahblah disgruntled person.
Which would be nice!

I was going to give up chocolate or caffeine or alcoholic beverages for Lent...
but that fell through...
I definitely lean on these things to get me through the day...
<the first two anyway...I must have them!  the third is just nice to have on the weekend or after an especially long day of work>
Seriously though,  I used to depend on coffee to warm me up on freezing cold winter mornings <And Yes, sis we DO have those down here- even if it's like minus 30 up there where you are it does not make plus 30 here any more bearable for me!> ...
but now...its ALL mornings...then a soda or sweet tea midday to keep me going!

Chocolate, however, is the devil and salvation all in one.

A true love-hate relationship.

A moment on the lips , forever on the's true.

But when you need it, none of that matters.

So...I have decided I MUST let go of my chocolate obsession. 

My new rule...unless you are Godiva, Swiss, or some fantastically decadent freshly baked dessert...

I don't need you anymore.

I don't.


Stop staring at me you dirty Twix bar.
You too Snickers.
I mean it.

P.S.  I will miss you dearly.

Friday, May 20, 2011

new do and the case of the missing dinner

So...I got my hair did...

Melba at the salon put it in a ponytail and cut straight across...

3 1/2 inches...poof!...gone!
then she just kept on cutting and cutting
and trimming and trimming..
shorter and shorter and shorter

And I LOVE it!

She kept asking me...its not too short is it?

I was a little sad when I was scrolling through ideas for hair and makeup on yahoo this morning and I realized  "oh yeah I can't do cute braids or romantic curls" 

but then I realized that the last time I braided my hair (other than to sleep in) was when I was in oh we'll say about 8th grade...
...and that I only curled my hair say every...2-3 months...

then I remembered how it took me only  FIVE MINUTES to dry my hair this morning!!!


Here is me after sleeping in an hour too late the following day...

Hey...its way better than a gross pony tail...every single day!



What do you think?

as a side note:

while preparing dinner tonight we played a little game of where did the duck breast run off to?

So, I am sure most of you don't eat much duck,
but I'm from the Delta
and my daddy is a duck hunter
so YES!  I eat duck.
It's delish and I'm not afraid to say it!

Tonight it was sauteed duck breast with sweet peas and rice.
While I was waiting to begin, I was preoccupied with something in the guest quarters...ok the guest room...
anyway when I returned to the kitchen,
something was missing:

It was that darn cat.
He is the devil.

So I searched high and low for Toonces and the missing meat...
I even looked under the bed.
Finally I found him under the kitchen table
<I know...surprise right?>
But there was no duck to be found...
I saw this little lady trying frantically to scarf it down.

I snatched it up and commenced to clean the floors with all my might!
Raw meat = GROSS!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Momma's Day!

This year was my first Mother's Day to celebrate as a real live Momma!

to this guy:

I feel soooo lucky!

Although we are trying to cut down on gifts and other purchases I still made out like a bandit!
...with my

new cook book,
new (and much needed) colander,
and beautiful flowers!

After church and lunch,
we went to the park!

where we went strolling...



and sliding!

It was all very fun...

...and exhausting!

Overall it was a wonderful way to spend my first real live Mother's Day as a mother!

The only part missing?
My dear, sweet Momma  :(

but she's 3 hours away.

A few days earlier Caleb and I sent her our love...

signed with finger paint!

What else have we been up to?

Going to First Fridays!

Wearing very cool outfits to day care!
"My Pop is the Coolest!"

Attempting our own 6 month old photo shoot!

but wait...

getting closer...

and finally!!!!

That's all folks!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a pause

So my blog has been on hold a bit...
things have been "hectic" here in the south.

I've been pretty busy with work, my little family and celebrating upcoming events with friends.

I've been worrying about my family back in Arkansas
we are having the worst flood since 1927
and the Mississippi River isn't supposed to crest until May 10.
My momma's house is less than 1/4 mile from the levee so that is freaking me out
My daddy's house has already flooded twice in the past week
so I'm a little worried about them.

And I have been thankful
and overwhelmed
with feelings and grief for those who have lost so much in the tornadoes everywhere around me.

For some reason they seemed to have gone around us here.
But just 69 miles southeast of us Cullman was hit
just 34 miles south of us Phil Campbell was obliterated
just 40 miles south of us Hackleburg was hit, destroying an elementary school...with children inside.
And there are so many more communities that lost so much.

I've said it before...I'm not good at touchy feeley so this won't be like that
but even though we haven't been directly affected by the tornadoes, it has been on our minds and in our prayers for the past week.

While the storms came through our town I prepared the closet for myself, baby Caleb, and the three dogs (the hubbs went to work...not my idea there)

We were blessed that the storm passed over us quickly and the hubbs made it home safely.
We got ourselves back out of our makeshift shelter...
except for Sue...he stayed...he hates storms
...and bumble bees.

My other post today about spinach and mangoes and pears was actually written for April 17th but apparently I don't know how to properly schedule posts to appear!

spinach and mangoes and pears, Oh My!

we have improved our baby food eating skills lately
Caleb absolutely LOVES mangoes

So when I found a baby food that mixed mangoes and pears with spinach I thought...oh yeah!  Sneaky!
And it worked!

What else we've been up to:

Granddaddy Bull came to visit
and we went out for barbeque

Made some cucumber sandwiches for my friend Lisa's baby shower
cut circles out of bread - you can use your baby's bottle caps if you must!

bread + pesto or mayo + cucumber slice + pesto or mayo + small or medium sized shrimp (found by the canned tuna in the grocery store) + parsley garnish

such a pretty little pregnant lady!  ALMOST makes me wanna be preggers too-  in about 2 years!