Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a pause

So my blog has been on hold a bit...
things have been "hectic" here in the south.

I've been pretty busy with work, my little family and celebrating upcoming events with friends.

I've been worrying about my family back in Arkansas
we are having the worst flood since 1927
and the Mississippi River isn't supposed to crest until May 10.
My momma's house is less than 1/4 mile from the levee so that is freaking me out
My daddy's house has already flooded twice in the past week
so I'm a little worried about them.

And I have been thankful
and overwhelmed
with feelings and grief for those who have lost so much in the tornadoes everywhere around me.

For some reason they seemed to have gone around us here.
But just 69 miles southeast of us Cullman was hit
just 34 miles south of us Phil Campbell was obliterated
just 40 miles south of us Hackleburg was hit, destroying an elementary school...with children inside.
And there are so many more communities that lost so much.

I've said it before...I'm not good at touchy feeley so this won't be like that
but even though we haven't been directly affected by the tornadoes, it has been on our minds and in our prayers for the past week.

While the storms came through our town I prepared the closet for myself, baby Caleb, and the three dogs (the hubbs went to work...not my idea there)

We were blessed that the storm passed over us quickly and the hubbs made it home safely.
We got ourselves back out of our makeshift shelter...
except for Sue...he stayed...he hates storms
...and bumble bees.

My other post today about spinach and mangoes and pears was actually written for April 17th but apparently I don't know how to properly schedule posts to appear!

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