Wednesday, May 4, 2011

spinach and mangoes and pears, Oh My!

we have improved our baby food eating skills lately
Caleb absolutely LOVES mangoes

So when I found a baby food that mixed mangoes and pears with spinach I thought...oh yeah!  Sneaky!
And it worked!

What else we've been up to:

Granddaddy Bull came to visit
and we went out for barbeque

Made some cucumber sandwiches for my friend Lisa's baby shower
cut circles out of bread - you can use your baby's bottle caps if you must!

bread + pesto or mayo + cucumber slice + pesto or mayo + small or medium sized shrimp (found by the canned tuna in the grocery store) + parsley garnish

such a pretty little pregnant lady!  ALMOST makes me wanna be preggers too-  in about 2 years!

1 comment:

  1. Mangoes? How cooool. What an exotic little dude...trying all kinds of new things!!

    He just keeps getting cuter. :)