Saturday, August 6, 2011

The most beautiful cake in the world!

Today is my birthday!

We won't discuss which birthday exactly.

Although it has been said:
"You either get older or you don't."
and I don't prefer the don't!

To celebrate, the Hubbs made me a cake!
From scratch!

He searched and searched for a recipe with berries...
you see I love cakes with berries...
you get the picture.

He found a recipe that sounded fantastic!
(from here)
Blueberry Buttercream Cake with Blueberry Filling

He slaved away...
scoured my extremely unorganized and crowded pantry for all sorts of exotic ingredients...
such as baking powder,
baking soda,
cake flour,
vanilla extract...
you get the picture.

He made the cake from scratch...
he made the blueberry glaze filling from scratch...
he made the blueberry-buttercream icing from scratch...
and I'll tell you what,
that cake tastes fantastic!

However, making buttercream icing is a little tough if you've never had the experience before...
and when your wife decides to put the whisk attachment to the mixer in the dishwasher just before you begin to make the buttercream icing...
and when your wife doesn't really know the exact reason that the paddle attachment won't work quite as well as the whisk attachment so she lets you proceed with making buttercream icing with a paddle rather than a whisk... the blueberry-buttercream icing was a bit more of a blueberry-buttercream glaze?

but it's the thought and the taste that count in the end!


Thanks Hubbs!!!

It was WAY better than Sugarbakers (and that's pretty impressive)!

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Incident part 2: Hannibal the Cannibal, Jr.

This past week Caleb came home from day care with another note...

The Crime:

this time however, 
he was not the victim.

We were pretty sad to hear that our child is now the class "biter".

Luckily, no wounds were left on his friends from the incident...

although he tries to pretend as if he is completely innocent whenever the subject is brought up
"What?  Me?"

it turns out he decided to bite his teacher the very next day!
along with Momma's knee later that evening!!!

I'm afraid he is beginning to develop a preference for arms and legs over bananas and puffs...
These three are beginning to look a little similar.

Hopefully this phase will pass!
We'll say our prayers,
and cross our fingers...while we still have them!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy 30th MTV

This week marks the 30th birthday of MTV!

Okay so not really a huge earthshattering event but what the hay, I'll go ahead and celebrate...kinda...

From what Wikipedia says, MTV was first broadcast on August 1, 1981...which I must say at this juncture was really NOT that long ago...ehem ehem.
...because if it were long ago it would make me slightly younger than really old. 
which is not so.

Anyway, the first music video was, appropriately, "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles who I had never heard of before yesterday when I googled it.
...and I must admit I kinda love it!

The second song, Pat Benetar "You Better Run"
...who knew Pat was a chick???

A little different than "Single Ladies" huh?!

MTV has undergone quite the metamorphasis since it's birth way back when
and from what I remember as music videos pretty much 24/7 to what is now basically reality tv somewhat sometimes geared toward stars of the music industry...often not so much...

Everybody in my generation remembers the "old MTV" where you tuned in to listen and watch the hottest musicians and pop stars put even more life into their songs with dance, drama and of course...often the COOLEST clothes ever!

Now, I was not allowed to watch MTV...
but you know how that goes.

So today, here is a recap of the videos I most remember watching growing up

But of my faves not available to embed but you can see it on YouTube here

Then came the Real World New York and TV as we know it was forever changed!...think, Snookie and her poof

What about you?
Were you allowed to watch the dreaded MTV?
What videos do you remember?