Saturday, April 16, 2011

30 Photos

I was reading my friend Ashley's blog and saw this post
So cute!
She inspired me to do the same!
<after all, imitation is the best form of flattery>

{someone you spend a lot of time with}
da Hubbs...we live together...we work together...we never get away from each other!

{a picture of you}
my push present- Mexican fire opal earrings!

{a random photo of you and your significant other}


{a picture of something that makes you happy}
my baby laughing!

{an old picture of you}
rocking the Nike swoosh!

{a picture of your siblings}
Lisa, Greg & Jeff- I'm the baby by at least 13 years!

{a picture you've never posted on your blog before}
at the pumpkin patch 2010

{a picture of people who knew you then AND now}

Leigh, Steph and Amber 2007ish?

{a picture of your favorite place}
THE south

{a person you can tell anything}

my big sis Lisa

{a picture of your everyday life}
surgerizing...well not EVERY day but pretty often

{a picture from a place you love}
Our honeymoon to Jackson Hole, Wyoming- us at Grand Teton National Park (2009)

{a picture that reminds you of great times}
1) when the Hubbs & I first started dating 2) College/Grad school days!!!

{a picture of someone you miss}
my momma...don't get to see her nearly enough :(

 {a picture of one of your favorite foods}
speaking of Memphis- Charles Vergo's Rendezvous ribs- can't beat 'em!

{a picture from the best day of your life}

May 9, 2009

{a picture that always make you laugh}

funny face

{a picture of your spare time}
uh...what spare time?!

 {a photo from a great night}
October 5, 2010

 {the people that know you the best}
2006 my college friends- Leigh, Steph and also Amber

{a picture of someone you always have fun with}

ever since high school!

{a picture of your parents when they were your age}
a little older than my age now :)

 {a picture from last summer}
waiting for Caleb

{a photo of your closest friend of the opposite sex}

Pat O'Brien's New Years 2008

{a picture of your favorite vacation}
Daddy took me on a cruise to Alaska- 2004ish

{a picture of an accomplishment}
more like a miracle- I'm more proud of him than anything else I've ever done!

{a picture of your closest friend}
my bff Stephanie from college

{a picture from a photobooth}

I don't have any photobooth pictures!  Is that wierd?

{a photo that makes you smile}
my baby with his first pumpkin!

{a picture of someone that you will never let go of}


  1. So sweet! I love them all :)

  2. I love it Jennifer!! I'm so glad you did this post, too! :)

    I love all the pics, especially: you as a sweet Nike baby, that beautiful wedding photo, Veterinarian you, and of course all of the ones of sweet Caleb! (him and his first pumpkin? AWWWWW!)