Friday, May 20, 2011

new do and the case of the missing dinner

So...I got my hair did...

Melba at the salon put it in a ponytail and cut straight across...

3 1/2 inches...poof!...gone!
then she just kept on cutting and cutting
and trimming and trimming..
shorter and shorter and shorter

And I LOVE it!

She kept asking me...its not too short is it?

I was a little sad when I was scrolling through ideas for hair and makeup on yahoo this morning and I realized  "oh yeah I can't do cute braids or romantic curls" 

but then I realized that the last time I braided my hair (other than to sleep in) was when I was in oh we'll say about 8th grade...
...and that I only curled my hair say every...2-3 months...

then I remembered how it took me only  FIVE MINUTES to dry my hair this morning!!!


Here is me after sleeping in an hour too late the following day...

Hey...its way better than a gross pony tail...every single day!



What do you think?

as a side note:

while preparing dinner tonight we played a little game of where did the duck breast run off to?

So, I am sure most of you don't eat much duck,
but I'm from the Delta
and my daddy is a duck hunter
so YES!  I eat duck.
It's delish and I'm not afraid to say it!

Tonight it was sauteed duck breast with sweet peas and rice.
While I was waiting to begin, I was preoccupied with something in the guest quarters...ok the guest room...
anyway when I returned to the kitchen,
something was missing:

It was that darn cat.
He is the devil.

So I searched high and low for Toonces and the missing meat...
I even looked under the bed.
Finally I found him under the kitchen table
<I know...surprise right?>
But there was no duck to be found...
I saw this little lady trying frantically to scarf it down.

I snatched it up and commenced to clean the floors with all my might!
Raw meat = GROSS!


  1. Oh my gosh! I LOVE your hair!!! I had mine cut this week too, but yours looks waaayyyy cuter!

  2. I agree 100% with Lisa. Yours looks sooo cute!!! I got mine cut last week too, but they won't cut it short, because they are like you will not fix it when the baby comes. Of course I know this, it is faster to fix when its short!

  3. Love Love Love Love Love your hair.

    Duck? Not so much. ;)

    Y'all did great with the baby shower...everything looked so nice at your house! Good job, hostess!!

    p.s. Hudson loved Moby. :)