Monday, December 6, 2010

Gossip girl must wait.

All I want to do is sit by the fire and watch Gossip Girl with a very large glass of pinot grigio.  Is that really so much to ask?  But no.  I am on call tonight which means that my husband AND I are on call.  Yep,  he had plans to go to a friend's tonight but with my being on call with nobody else to watch the baby he is on call for my on call.

The plan was for him to meet Caleb & I at the clinic IF I got called in.  Problem is that of course I get a call about five minutes after getting home right after Caleb begins nursing.  He answers for me and it turns out that this woman's chihuahua got jumped by a bunch of big dogs and has to be seen ASAP.  He decides to go in and take the call for me then go to his buddy's.  Of course...owner has no money and dog needs McDreamy & McSteamy his wounds are so bad- unfortunately the extensive McDr route is very expensive.  So now hubby's evening is not the relaxing and fun evening he was hoping for plus there is a critical patient to check on every few hours throughout the night.  As for me?  Phone has been ringing off the hook with calls (most of which are not actually emergencies) and now a second true emergency.  I have to call the husband because I have the baby, although I feel really bad about it-I am after all the one on call tonight.  I mean REALLY?  Come on.

I know I am a doctor.  I know that doctors have to take call sometimes but frankly there are times that doctors just want to be able to leave work at the door.  Sorry can't.  We know that this is part of it all but really if you knew what it was like you would hesitate before calling your doctor or veterinarian or even your plumber after hours unless it was 100% matter of life or death.  Seriously you would!  Plus you would probably not let your beloved little pet who is the size of a chipmunk run around where something  200 times his size could snatch him up and attempt to rip him to pieces.  Especially not after regular business hours.

Just sayin.

XOXO -Gossip Girl

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