Tuesday, December 14, 2010

dream a little dream...of me?

In this post we will go back to my pregnancy days since I didn't ever get around to posting about all the wondorous and strange topics that go along with this subject.  Some have morning nausea, some have evening nausea and some have all-the-time nausea.  I was lucky, I had very little of any of those (sorry to those of you who can't say the same)!  Some have cravings (mine were strawberry milkshakes and a few days of flaming hot cheetos).  Some have food aversions (the smell of coffee grounds and buffalo wings made me want to call Ralph).  But above all, I had wierd and crazy dreams.

I had many dreams, probably some I can't remember anymore.  I did however write some of them down in a journal.  I even gave them titles!  They are as follows:
1)  " Who's Your Daddy"
2)  "Little Lady Bud"
3)  "Oooooouch!"
4)  "Family Jewels"
5) "The Ugly Red Monster"
6)  "The Drunk Tank"
7)  "You'll Never Know.  (Hubby's baby nightmare)"
8)  "It's a... boy???"
9)  "Nope its a girl, wait no a boy, wait nope, its..."

My mind was apparantly very active.  Due to the length of this topic I'll have to make multiple posts to fit in all of my dreams!  Here's the first:

"Who's Your Daddy"  (Pregnancy dream #1)
My first wierd pregnancy dream actually came before I found out I was pregnant.  As a little bit of background- Two of my best friends from college were Stephanie and Amber- they both make an appearance here.  Steph already has a beautiful baby girl (with her husband Chris) and around the time I had this dream I had found out that Amber (and her husband Jess) were expecting soon!  (You may wonder why I make such a fuss here about the husbands...you will soon find out why this is significant).  In this dream these dear husbands had no part whatsoever and seemed to not even exist! 

Stephanie, Amber & I were some sort of gypsy like wierdos who were all living on a RV (like a tour bus RV ) and were conicidentally all pregnant.  Stephanie went into labor first and being the trooper she is she didn't even require the bus to stop- she just popped that sucker right out!  Right there on the couch of the RV- no assistance needed.

Next it was Amber who also took the whole thing on like a seasoned pro right there on the same couch in the same RV.

At this point it's now my turn- and you better believe I was NOT about to give birth like those crazy freaks there in the RV.  First of all, wierd.  Second of all, what if the cord got wrapped around the baby's leg and cut it off on the way out?!  (I had been watching a lot of the TV series Private Practice & Gray's Anatomy.)  Absolutely NOT.  So I insisted that the big, fat Mexican man driving the RV throughout this whole freaky fiasco turn that ship toward the nearest hospital ASAP!

This is probably a good time to mention that old Jose was also the father of all three of us ladies' babies' daddy!!!  (And apparantly we were all okay with this???)  Anyway, we whoop up to the ER (because thats how we do it here in the south) and before you can say "Hot Tamale" I jump out of the tour bus/RV and go running inside.  They sit my in-labor-butt into a wheel chair and rush me back while I'm telling them some story about my husband being away in Afghanastan and I don't know anybody else at all so if two crazy ladies with babies and one fat Mexican man come looking for me, I don't know them and they are probably insane anyway.

That is about all I remember dreaming.  I assume I had the baby with no visitors and maybe Steph, Amber and Jose were commited.  I do, however, still wonder who and what picked little baby Jose Jr. and I up at the hospital afterward!

Perhaps we will hear about "Little Miss Bud" in our next post!

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