Thursday, January 20, 2011

a dilemma: seeking advise

I have a dilemma...
I have some cash...its mine all budget...nothing it has to be used for...
well...some of it has gone to hay...which is for horses.

Now I have thought long and hard about many many things I could spend money on...
it's a hobby of mine.
I'm afraid my husband is beginning to wear off on me.
I admit this may be a good thing in this one instance.

However, there are two things I am torn between...
and I need input.
Which should I buy?
I may not buy either...if I can't make a decision.
Putting of decisions is another of my hobbies you see.

Prospect #1:

They are Uggs... Uggs = comfortable
They are so ugly they are cute
I have three pairs of boots now...two pairs of cowboy boots (for riding the horse...not for a fashion statement) and one pair of approx four year old knee high black leather high heel boots...(I know...meoooow!)  (...oh wait...five pairs of boots if you count the brown, rubber muck boots for going to the barn and the camouflage rubber boots also used for the barn.)
My feet freeze in the winter time...I'm a southern girl...I don't have many (also known as any) winter shoes.
I have wanted a pair for a few years now.
They look great with leggings.

I may never take them off.
I heard they can start to stink???
I'm terrible at avoiding puddles.
I spend approximately seven to eight months out of the year in flip-flops which are the antethesis of big wooly boots.
I have wanted a pair for years now so once I get them everybody will probably stop wearing them.
They look great with leggings...if you have leggings (which I don't) and great legs (which I don't).
Which color to buy... <see above statement concerning decisions...>

Now to most women making a pros and cons list about buying a pair of shoes you have wanted for a few years now is a little silly...but...
ok, yes its silly.
However, I'm very good at buying accessories that I really want and really like only to find out later that ...
1) I have nothing to wear them with
2)  I'm just not the kind of person that can pull that kind of thing off.
3)  They are actually really, really ugly shoes, bag, belt etc.
Here is a sampling of my shoe collection...
my highly organized shoe my purple Lucchesse boots!
Please note the adorable BCBG floral satin heels- the second of two pair of shoes I have that I love!!!

and of house shoes

I actually LOVE high heels- just have nothing to wear them with anymore...and no where to where them either anymore...

Accessorizing is not my thing.
Come to think of it...dressing myself in general is not my thing...but you'll be glad to know that I do it anyway!

I'm obsessed with the tv show What Not To Wear...
I want to be on it!
Without the tv cameras...
showing everybody in America just how lame my fashion sense is does not sound like a good time to me.
But I would certainly consider it if they would dress me
 (not literally, physically dress me of course...if they pick the clothes I can do the dressing part myself)

I heart Stacy & Clinton!

Prospect #2:
Photoshop Elements 9

I kinda like taking good pictures and would love to do all the fancy schmancy stuff to them!
I could better document Calebs childhood with good pictures rather than crummy ones.
I could take pictures of other stuff too...including but not limited to:
Old man "Sue"

"Kane"-ster the Gangster

"Boogie" with the alias of- Spawn of Satan

I could do all kinds of cool stuff to my blog...maybe even make it supercute like this lovely lady has- (but don't hold your breath...she seems pretty creative!)
I could make my own greeting cards and stuff like that... ones that don't look like I made them myself!
I could get rid of my pimples and maybe give myself a more svelte figure?  -When Caleb looks back at his baby pictures he would think he had a beautiful mommy!

Learning curve.
I'm not the most technically inclined person...see previous post...
I'll have to study...books and stuff to learn how to use this.
I may spend a fortune in framing and printing fees.
I may decide I need a couple hundred dollar lens...which I don't want to decide...and neither does the hubby.
Thats all I can think of here.

But you know big empty spaces like this could certainly use some adornment...
our master "suite"- (using this term loosely)

Please note the mommy & I made these!

Please note the fancy-schmancy pleats!  Those were kinda a pain!
Please don't  note that they need to be pressed.
Please don't note that my duvet cover doesn't really match my homemade shams...

Apparently interior decorating ain't my bag either baby.

At least I have my youth!...or do I?

He certainly does!
Good morning Sunshine!

So...what's your opinion?

Uggs or Photoshop????????????


  1. ;) I bet you know my vote. PHOTOSHOP. You'll get the hang of it!!

    p.s. Your little sunshine is SO CUTE.

  2. Get the shoes! I have photoshop you can put on your computer. I mean seriously this money is yours and you know how rare that happens :)

  3. hmmmm... a tie...perhaps I should save my allowance and get both ! ;)

  4. I have the photoshop elements 9! How about we try and load it on your computer?!?!?! I dont know how many times you can load it, but surely more than once! We can always give it a whirl! I vote for you to buy the UGGS! Yes, they're UGGly, but oh so cozy! :) And obviously are not going out of style anytime soon!

  5. Oh! And UNA offers a continuing education class on Photoshop 9!!! I was thinking about taking it if it's not too close to my due date! We could be study buddies! haha!

  6. I say you get the UGGS! I just got a pair for Christmas and they are the best!! I downloaded Picasa to my computer, it's Free, and then I paid $24 to Upgrade. I've never used Photoshop, but I would say it's probably close to the same thing. :)