Thursday, January 13, 2011

as contagious as the flu

me & my baby...we're sick.  Possibly the flu, probably just a cold but its no fun. 
especially considering the timing.
we had a real honest to goodness snow here in Alabama!
He just wants his hay...not too excited about snow.

the best snow since 1993 I'm told
and I'm stuck inside sick...with my sick baby.

I should be outside sledding, building snowmen, falling face down in the snow and of course, pelting hubby in the face with snowballs.
The Fisher snow family, courtesy of my hubby!

but I just can't because I feel like crud
<and this is coming from somebody who once went on a ski trip with mono (suspected) and still went skiing...
I'm not sure how I did this but I'm pretty sure the booze helped...>
but this time I don't want booze I want a blanket and socks and soup.
my baby...he just wants the boob...but that is a good thing
we did venture outside for a quick photo-op
Hubbs and baby Caleb
"Not so sure about this!"

"I can't move my arms!"

but the babe was not pleased so we resumed our spot on the couch under the blankets.
poor little, tiny fellow...

although it is kinda his fault that we're in this pickle...
he never remembers to cover his mouth when he coughs or sneezes.

and he never washes his hands before or after sucking on them...

oh well...who can stay mad at a guy with a face like this?

because as contagious as his cough is...
this is just as contagious:
Christmas photo shoot with Momma!

this little toothless grin!
he looks like a little old man with his teeth out!
It makes me melt...
and it happens...I catch his smile!

I'm convinced that germs aren't the only things that are contagious...
emotions are contagious...
for the happy or the sad
the sad...(first vaccinations) 

attitudes are contagious...
for the good or the bad
the bad...(first bath)

motivation is contagious
or the lack of it...

so be careful! 
and for heaven's sake, only spread the good!


  1. Poor Bud was pitiful! I should have videod the boys having a snowball fight in my front yard. They were all too tired to run around so they sat on the ground and made snowballs to throw at each other. They even kept score and the winners got to play xbox first.