Monday, January 17, 2011

hay is for horses

My husband is glad we have only one horse...why?

The little things like...
stacking hay...this time only 20 bales...
it is hard work...but its fun...
it makes me miss the days of putting up 100-200 bales for the winter...
picking fresh bales up in the field, desperately trying to keep up with the truck and trailer, hurling bales to whoever is stacking on the moving mountain of hay in the middle of 90 degree weather.
I don't know why I miss days like this but I do!
7 months pregnant and Moby kisses!

Although I don't want to do it today. 
Not today...or tormorrow even.
Caleb seemed to enjoy it!

Maybe we'll make a country boy out of him yet!
10 days old and Mommy's saddle

Then again, maybe not...
You see I've become one of those moms.
I was determined not to...
so I bought him little big boy pants that were complete miniature replicas of big man pants.
and I bought him little flannel shirts in manly colors.
I bought him boots...John Deere boots...

and I said NO pastel on my little miniature man.
but then it happened...
he was born a baby
Caleb Robert Fisher- Day One 

and its all going by so quickly!
He is almost four months old. 
Which means...
he is almost nearly on his way to being a practically grown-up man!

I can't take it.

This is going to be difficult for me.

Very difficult.

So I've decided to take advantage of the only means I have to keep him my little, bitty, sweet baby boy...
...his wardrobe.
He will still wear the miniature man clothes...but...
ready for church

I've mixed in some pastel...and puppies...and little white rounded collars.
That was him yesterday going to church!
He is so cute in his little smocked outfit!
I've got to get more of these...
more little, sweet, pastel baby clothes.

I've got to do this while I still can.

My little baby boy is already becoming a little man...

A little man who frowned this morning when I kissed him
and laughed when he pooted
and is determined not to go to bed on time.
He is developing a mind of his own.

...and I don't think he'll be wearing little blue gingham outfits with smocked puppies when he's fifteen and has all of his teeth.

Oh my...!


  1. i did the same thing when clark was born! i saw/bought all the tiny little clothes that looked like cute big people clothes...then he started to get the age when that's almost all they sold in his size...and i started to regret not dressing him in actual baby looking clothes very much. sad time! and on another stack hay?! i tried to carry a bale to the goats a few days ago...and could barely make it(complaining all the way) and there was certainly no throwing! (chris had to take over half way to their pin)

  2. haha! And yes...I stack hay! I used to be way "better" at it...less grunting. Heck, in college we didn't have much room in the barn so we stored it across the yard in another barn and had to carry it uphill (ok not really uphill but it felt like it!) whenever we ran out of a bale! And we always had like at least 4 horses eating that hay = like 2 bales a day! Arggggh! As a note...I used to have A-M-A-Z-I-N-G arms...and I don't mind saying it!