Sunday, January 9, 2011

I love lamp

Crate & Barrel

You know you've hit a new phase of you life when you google phrases that you think you understand the meaning of or why they are funny
...but deep down in the depths of your soul, you are afraid that you are actually just a bit too old, a bit too un-hip and a bit to out of the cool kids' loop to actually know when, where and how to use the newly acquired lingo with confidence. 
You could certainly never use a phrase such as "I love lamp" on the Internet without full investigating the urban dictionary or wikipedia definition first.

So...although I've seen Anchorman (which I by the way do NOT love) and I find this particular phrase a little humorous, I wanted to make sure it hasn't developed some inappropriate or offensive alter-ego meaning. 
According to UrbanDictionary it has not. 

It is defined as
Something that is said back to a person who just stated a non sequitar.

which led me to look up the definition of non-sequitar... its not just a comic strip...
n. a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement.
I like this word...non sequitar...well I don't like saying it by I like its meaning
it fits with my life very well.
You see I'm known for being random, telling unfunny jokes, telling pointless stories...
<according to SOME> 
I'm very glad that I'm not an orangutan. 

True story. 
<I'd explain but its another of those so-called "pointless" stories and I've learned to filter so I'll spare you that one.>
So I feel that my life has been enriched by looking up the phrase "I love lamp"
...and I thought hey...what else do I love?
I love my gas fireplace but I miss the smell of burning wood at the same time...and speaking of firewood...
I love my Kindle!
I think it has the potential to make me smarter!  Not only by reading more, but by expanding my ever so lacking vocabulary.  Yeah!
Really, If you come across a word that you don't know you just move the cursor to it and BAM!  the definition pops up!
Words like non sequitar (kinda two words).
I love my baby..duh
Jan 1, 2010

I love this blog
and this one
I love food.
I love horses
I love the smell of horses
...and poop does lend it's odor to part of the general smell of horses.
I love picking my horse's stall...which is weird...unless you have a horse with a stall...
This is my horse...there is a lot of poop involved with this little fellow
There are better pictures of him ...don't know where though!

I love my pitiful little I don't have to annoy everybody on facebook!

And I love this lamp:
Crate & Barrel

and this one:
Crate & Barrel

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  1. Well, girl, I'll admit it. You had me stumped with "I love lamp." and I did not love Anchorman either. And I do love horses. And I do love the adorable picture of your sweet baby. And I, lastly, love your blog. So glad you have it....blogging is FUN!