Friday, January 21, 2011

we'll be coming 'round the mountain!

As you can see, I'm not good at training my husband.  Never have been.
May 9, 2009

In fact, I think with most things after marriage he has gotten worse...
money OCD
time OCD

However, I was successful at one thing,
and this is something that is very important to me you see...
because I want to spend as much time fully clothed and not in a bikini as possible.
As a matter of fact, the more clothes required the better.
I'm talking hats, scarves, gloves and goggles oriented activities.
I'm talking about the conversion of my husband from a beach destination vacationer...

because I love snow skiing
Durango, Colorado sometime around 2004

I love mountains and lakes
Cruise to Alaska with my Daddy sometime around 2003.  Follow that mountain on the right all the way down to the water...that small dark square thing is a much much smaller cruise ship!  Gives you some perspective- gotta love Alaska!

I hate sand
and I'm terrified of alligators and sharks...and jellyfish.
I don't get in the water unless it has chlorine.

Of course I forgot about this when we bought our ski boat...
oh well.
Boogie REALLY likes it!

This conversion all began before we were married...
engagement pictures

when we spent Thanksgiving in Wisconsin with my sister's family...
it snowed a fresh layer of 8" while we were there!

Bud got to go "for-real" sledding!
And we played lets be pack horses and drag the kids in the sled though the woods...still fun!

It's all good when there is snow involved!

Next, our honeymoon destination.
We opted out of the Sandals type tropical, beachy honeymoon
Instead...Jackson Hole, Wyoming!!!
One word:
Although we were there in between seasons (no skiing, no fishing or rafting), we found plenty to do.
Horseback riding...
I'll be honest...don't remember the horses' names

Grand Teton National Park

Sight-seeing (although half of Yellowstone was closed)
Yellowstone May 2009

and of course...

the Hootenanny!
not the Hootenanny but the sign says "Bud" so I made him smile!
this is the Hootenanny at Dornan's- he's playing a harpsichord!

Best. Honey. Moon. EVER.

I even saw this moose...
not in Moose...
the Hootenanny was in Moose to be precise.
a moose (and me)!

I'll be honest...
it helped that we stayed at the Four Seasons in a suite almost the size of our entire house.
Four Seasons Jackson Hole, Wyoming
He can't wait to go back!

And then last February, we took a long weekend to Gatlinburg, Tennessee with a few friends and Bud tried his hand at snow skiing!

He LOVED it!  YAY!
<by the way, its a little offensive how quickly he picked it up with very minimal instruction!>
He told me later that he would "definitely" be okay with being a snow skiing vacationing family instead of a beach vacationing family!
I don't know what the waterslide looking thing behind me is...maybe a waterslide???

You can imagine my relief.
You see my thighs...they hate me
and I hate them.
You'd hate them to if you saw them.

But, anyway, the point of this story is that we are headed to Snowshoe, West Virginia in a few weeks for skiing, skiing and more skiing!
Caleb is ready too!
I'll have to take the camera...
the hubby is a good beginner skier...which means there should be plenty of photo-ops of him face down, butt down and rolling down in the snow!

I'm so excited!!!

and you know, I'm beginning to think I picked a good one!


  1. HEHE He was asking Jordan the other day about going to Hawaii. I was like um Jennifer won't like it so don't waste the money!

  2. Yeah he talked about it with me & I was like heck "yeah!...but I need a year's advance notice and a gym membership..."

  3. ur funny. so how are yall skiing with caleb? taking turns or something? I've tried to ski, several times, but i'm scared of heights(which doesn't bother me half way up the mountain...but take me to the top and i'll be scooting my way down on my butt. i'm not about to ski over a hill that i can't see over. makes chris SOOO mad!! he's actually amazing at skiing. can do huge jumps and all that) so i MUCH prefer the beach(which he also is great at surfing so i guess its win win for him)...foreign ones the most...but since we got married I can't get him out of the country! :/ urg.

  4. Most of the decent sized ski resorts have nurseries! They cost an arm and a leg but hey you get to vacation with your baby and enjoy some activities too! I couldn't have left him! I'm not that strong!

  5. haha you don't need a gym membership. For the money I prefered Jamaica. It was all inclusive so it saved us a fortune! Of course Hawaii is Hawaii! I got a gov. rate on the hotel room so that wasn't very expensive. The food is what was so high. We spend at least $200 a day on food.