Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day in the Life of a Dog-Doc: My list of patients.

With all of the rough weather, today was a little slow.
A good day to find the humor hidden in all of this soggy, groggy, mess.

Today my day included working on three very special doggies...


(this is not actually a picture of trixie- just a representation)


(this is not actually a picture of dixie- just a representation)
and Pixie.

(this is not actually a picture of pixie- just a representation)

I like anything that rhymes so it made me a little bit happy!

Next funny thing about Trixie, Dixie and Pixie...
one of these furry friends was a boy doggie! 

Can you guess which?

If so you will recieve a prize!

...the prize is that you will have the satisfaction of being correct!!! 
Yay for you! (if you are in fact correct...)


  1. Ok! ANSWER IS: Pixie! Yep. Pixie was an approximately 1 year old male black lab who presented for castration! Dixie was a (7?) year old spayed female (obese!) black lab who presented for vomiting and Trixie was a youngish female spayed yorkie who presented for bloody poo! They are all doing very well now!
    Thanks for playing!!!