Monday, June 6, 2011

My Memphis

This past week Caleb & I hit the road...

the destination?

<my kinda sorta hometown?>

First of all, Memphis is sooo great!
One and a half days is no where near long enough to hit all of the high notes...or even half of them!

We did have some good eats!

Momma, Caleb and I went to a little restaurant in the Cooper Young area of midtown called Sweet Grass

I had a pimento cheeseburger- sooo good- sorry I ate it before I thought about taking it's bad!

Momma had a Cuban sandwich...super tasty!

Later, I met my Daddy for dinner and chowed down once again at the one, the ONLY place to ever even think about enjoying ribs...

THE Rendezvous!

Don't even think about arguing with me on this one...these are the only ribs that matter!

and the atmosphere is the best!

And check out what was parked next to my Honda in the parking garage...
gotta love it!!!

The next day on the way out of town I met my Daddy again for lunch.
Our plan was to go to the Blue Monkey in cute neighbor hood around south Front Street...
but apparently they take their no under 21 policy pretty strict...
I guess Memphis doesn't have the whole no smoking in restaurants thing going and I must admit I was a little bit offended that they sent us away just so a bunch of fools can have the option of giving themselves lung cancer...oh well...

as it turns out...we went somewhere 100 times better!

The Arcade is the oldest  restaurant in Memphis...who knew?
Believe it or not, I have been a practically daily commuter to Memphis since I was born and I don't remember EVER having dined here!

Very good food- I had a sandwich called the South Main (I think) with ham, brie, mustard and pear slices...DELISH!
Plus it's just so darn cute!

A few quick photo-ops at the condo my Daddy is staying in while his house's flood damage is repaired then a trip to visit with my sweet Aunt Melissa and Caleb and I hit the road to get back home before Caleb's dadda made it back from his long day at work!

Love my Memphis!


  1. Looks like a FAB time, Jenn! I'm so glad you posted these pretty pics. Little Caleb is SO full of personality. :) :) Memphis is the BEST!

  2. U always have cute stories on ur blog!!! I have never eaten at the arcade either I don't think