Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the Incident

Our little Caleb hit another milestone today...

not walking
or pulling up to stand
or even another tooth (we have 5 now by the way!!!)...

He recieved his first "INCIDENT REPORT" from daycare today.

That's right...his teacher sent a note home with him from school!

The Offense:
Crawling around like a houligan...

What Happened: "Crawling on the slide and went down face first.  hit his head on the ground!"
Action Taken...rushed to the ER for an emergency laparotomy...
not really...
Action Taken:  "TLC" baby loves TLC!

This is the slide:

This is the child as we picked him up at daycare:
feeling much better playing with his best buddy! (he's the one in the white onesie!)

finally realized we were there to get him!

I think we are gonna have a handful with this one.

Tomorrow is my day off!
I'm thinking about getting my hair trimmed and getting ready for my Momma to come visit me!!! 
To celebrate this and because it has been so stinkin' hot I think I'll also try making this !

One sad note...I'm going to miss this weekend's trip to Mississippi to meet sweet baby Chandler Graham...
he is the Hubb's sister's new addition and from the pictures I've seen, he is precious!
He has had a tough time but finally got to leave the hospital yesterday at eleven days old!
Hubbs is going to see him first hand but I guess I'll have to wait a little longer...he better take some pictures of that sweet lil baby!

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  1. Whew. At least the slide didn't appear too daunting. ;)

    Glad that little guy got some TLC after his incident!! What a sweetie.