Thursday, July 21, 2011

Birthdays, love bugs and water babies

Our little family has been pretty busy this summer.

I probably didn't mention yet how there is a group of about four families that all announced a pregnancy about the same time that we announced ours...weird...there must have been something in the water eh?

Anyway, last weekend was the first of the something-in-the-water babies to have his one year old birthday celebration!
And Caleb was invited!  (So of course Momma and Dada decided to tag along and crash the party!)

His momma made quite a fuss (as all good mommas should!- and as I plan to!) and wore her self out setting up a Dr. Seuss themed birthday at one of the local parks in town- the Splash Pad.

Now I had heard of this but I wasn't quite sure exactly what a splash pad is but obviously we brought along his Little Swimmers assuming that he would be needing them...
should have brought some for Dada too!

There were a lot of smiles...

and a few not-so smiley moments...

and some "I just am not quite sure" moments...
"That was ca-razy."

little Miss Sydney did not approve 100%!

but overall...Caleb approves of the Splash Pad!

can't you tell?

Too bad we forgot to bring a towel.

And that naughty little love bug reared his head too...
at least for Caleb...
He just can never seem to keep himself from holding Miss Sydney's hand when they get together!

"Your pigtails sure are pretty."

He met up with one of his other water baby buddies too...
at first he didn't display the affection that he did for Sydney,
"So you think you're taller?  And tanner?"

"So we meet again."

See the little fist grabbing Peyton's shirt?  That's Caleb...he's feisty.

but eventually he gave Peyton his blessing and all was well!
"Bless you my child"

Now to start planning the Child's birthday!
"Oh mom!"


  1. aw! He is just soo cute! Miss that little guy

  2. Oh my!! Love your pictures, especially the oneof him approving of the splash pad! Miss seeing y'all! We need to get together soon!