Monday, March 28, 2011

busy busy bees

We've been busy...

being cute...
(by we I mean baby Caleb)

cooking and eating...
Chicken with a Beer in the Butt

Vidalia (barn cat) waiting for a moment alone with Chicken with a Beer in the Butt

Garlic and rosemary...yummy!


potatoes + olive oil + garlic + rosemary + sea salt + pepper...yummy!

learning how to use our new workbench and tools...

learning how to rest like Daddy!

doing laundry in our new laundry machines...(!!!)...
my oh my!  aren't you purdy!?

and re-inventing our coffee table...

because the dog ate it...

about 4 years ago...
bad dog.
this one.

not this one.

our temp

we'll see how it turns out soon!
(my deadline is this Thursday)

1 comment:

  1. Baby Caleb is sooooooo cute. Although I think you two are pretty darn cute, as well. :) And I was happy to see my little friend Vidalia...such a sweet kitty! She holds the distinction as the only cat I like! HA! :)

    Oh and I am so jealous you have new laundry machines...I need some. ugh.