Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my love/hate relationships: clothes

Isn't it interesting how there are some things in life that will ALWAYS be slaves to the irony of a love-hate relationship with you?

For me, it's clothes.

I mean you have to wear them...unless of course you are a nudist...
which I'm not...
and not just because of my thighs...the entire concept just doesn't seem prudent or sanitary.
I mean what do you do if you have to sit down...like, anywhere? 
...things that make you go ewww.

I hate clothes...not so much the wearing of them...
its more of the picking them out each morning, attempting to accessorize (haha yeah right), outgrowing them...
and the most dreaded of all...
shopping for them.

I HATE shopping for clothes, jewelry (unless of course it is REAL jewelery...like from Grogan's), purses...
I used to love shoes...but now not even shoes make me giddy...
no idea what to wear them with you see.

I am bringing this subject up because I am going to a real city with a real mall with real clothes this weekend!
Yay!...oh wait...I forgot...this means I have to try on clothes...and figure out how to organize them together on my body in an attractive way.
well at least I don't have to worry what I have already at home to wear them with...
...my current wardrobe consists of one pair of levi jeans (which do NOT look good on me and have somehow become too short since I had my baby), about 20 T-shirts, a few plain skinny tees which are consequently too skinny for me and one or two acceptable dresses (one really cute BCBG dress that is still a little too tight for church even WITH spanxx which makes me die inside a little)

I have permission to shop this weekend.
now not a full out shopping spree mind you
but I will hopefully be able to add a few nice pieces to my big girl wardrobe...big as in size, not age...well maybe age too   :(

So, I ask...
what are your favorite pieces?
what do you consider a wardrobe staple...the butter, milk and flour to your closet?
and finally, what item (or items) of clothing (shoes and accessories included here) could you not live without?

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  1. you seriously don't want any advice from me! but for me...cardigans, spaghetti strapped stuff that i could wear to bed or under a shirt, or with a cardigan, PEARLS, leggings(so comfy!!!),a waist-cinched, loosish cotton summery dress that could dress up or down, and a few sleeveless shirts from victoria secret with built in..not bra, but the fabric piece that goes across and has elastic under your chest (great for extra support/lift/whatever) but they're loose around the stomach :D which is a plus! can be dressed up with white capris in summer, down with khaki shorts. oooh, a gold-linen pair of peep-toe wedges go great with anything in summer(when you want to go a tad dressier than flip flops). sorry, apparently i'm in a rambling mood tonight. but you really shouldn't take advice from someone as fashion uninclined as me.